Energy Efficiency Investigation

ISC can help companies faced with increasing energy bills determine the most efficient way of operating plant. This can involve redesign of control, new equipment (e.g. switching from fixed speed pumps to variable speed pumps) and changes in operation. Dynamic models can be used to accurately estimate the energy savings, which is important to help justify any capital expenditure.

Calculations provided by vendors of equipment or energy saving bodies often do not contain the detail necessary to produce an accurate assessment. Our rigorous modelling approach provides confidence that the changes will really deliver the benefits and make energy saving projects a success.

PumpSim - VSD Energy Efficiency Tool

The Water Industry has enormous potential for energy savings by replacing ‘on-off’ pump drive controls with VSD technology. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine in advance whether a VSD investment will deliver the required return on investment.

PumpSim has been developed by ISC to facilitate the associated decision-making process. It is a (PC-based) MATLAB/Simulink add-on that gives clients an accurate forecast of energy savings. Developed with water industry professionals, it removes onerous mathematics from the user interface while enabling accurate representation of pumping station behaviour through application-specific parameter entry. Armed with the predicted energy savings, the client is better placed to decide whether a VSD investment is justified.

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"Dynamic models can be used to accurately estimate the energy savings."

Modelling Pumping Stations for Energy Saving Assessment