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ISC has a long track record in developing high-fidelity models of nuclear power generating plant for use in simulations used to investigate design and operating changes. Dynamic models have also proven invaluable in our investigation of control problems at CCGT and CHP generating plant.

ISC also run an annual Process Control Academy training event.

Our clients include EDF, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy.


We provide standard, industry specific and bespoke courses on a range of fundamental and advanced control engineering topics.

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  • Training Course: Optimisation and Model Predictive Control for Linear Systems, 20th & 21st November 2018, Glasgow

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Nuclear Power Plant Modelling

To investigate the possibility of trips in the steam condensate plant a high fidelity dynamic model was developed and used to identify where additional sensing would be beneficial.

Improving CHP Steam Pressure

A detailed dynamic model of a CHP plant was built and used to investigate how steam pressure could be improved though modified control strategies. The study showed improved stability and a potential increase in power output.

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Powerstation Trips

The cause of a gas supply trip at a gas-fired combined cycle powerstation was investigated using dynamic models which allowed different solutions to be explored prior to commissioning.