Steam Raising and Boilers


The safe and efficient running of steam raising boilers and other steam equipment requires good control, particularly in the case where steam demand is varying. Understanding the effects of control under varying operational conditions is complex and difficult, and drives the need to test solutions in high fidelity dynamic models.

ISC has modelled many different types of steam system to provide exploration of control and operation.

ISC also run an annual Process Control Academy training event, details of which can be found here.

Our clients include GSK, British Energy, Scottish and Southern Energy.

Example Projects
  • Improving CHP Steam Pressure - A detailed dynamic model of a CHP plant was built and used to investigate how steam pressure could be improved though modified control strategies. The study showed improved stability and a potential increase in power output. (Download project note)
  • Nuclear Power Plant Modelling - To investigate the possibility of trips in the steam condensate plant a high fidelity dynamic model was developed and used to identify where additional sensing would be beneficial.