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What We Provide

In addition to model development, we provide the following support services to enable integration and reuse of existing models:

  • Support for model integration across development platforms - e.g. integration of models developed in LabVIEW into Microsoft .NET applications developed in C#.
  • Conversion of legacy models into new modelling packages - e.g. conversion of Simulink model to LabVIEW.

ISC engineers have acquired significant skills and experience in using both development environments and in many cases in the same project. We can help you reuse and integrate models to meet your application development needs.

Modelling Environment - MATLAB/Simulink or LabVIEW, or Both?

MATLAB/Simulink has traditionally been the main tool of choice for companies involved in control projects where strong support for dynamic modelling/simulation is essential. There are a number of good reasons for this, including:

  • Personal experience and familiarity
  • Suitability of textual sequential languages for programming complex algorithms
  • Flexibility when using s-functions and structures such as cell arrays
  • Powerful simulation environment

On the other hand, LabVIEW has also support for:

  • Control design and simulation through the CD&Sim toolbox
  • Application-mimicking graphical user interface
  • Development of real-time control systems and ease of implementation on various hardware targets

There are applications where one development is more suited than the other. On the other hand, there may also be applications where using both environments in the same project, either simultaneously or at different stages, would be beneficial. For example, to to suit different purposes/tasks, e.g. a quick development of algorithms in the early stages using MATLAB but real-time implementation on the actual system with LabVIEW Real-Time.

There have also been many occasions in practice where reusing an existing or legacy Simulink model in a new LabVIEW development would be the best approach.

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