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Software and Hardware

Our engineers can program control and data acquisition systems using the LabVIEW development software and toolboxes. The system can be deployed to a wide range of NI hardware, including CompactRIO and FPGA, PXI, cDAQ.

Automotive Powertrain Control Solutions

As a control engineering specialist with close involvement with clients in the automotive industry, particularly, on engine control, ISC is uniquely positioned to help companies deploy NI Powertrain Controls Hardware and Software for automotive applications.

Our help can be tailored to specific applications or company needs and help clients shorten the learning curve:

  • Preconfigured NI Powertrain Control Solutions - Where the need is for a pre-configured out-of-box solution, such as NI's DIDS and ECS systems, ISC can assist in system configuration and provide software walk-through.
  • Customised NI Powertrain Control Solution with LabVIEW - Where the need is creating a tailored solution out of the individual hardware and software modules, ISC can undertake the full LabVIEW development of the customised application software and supply the source code with user's guide, which can then be used and adapted as required by the client's own engineers.
  • Customised NI Powertrain Control with Veristand - where both ease of use and flexibility are required, ISC can develop the low-level FPGA personality specific to the selected IO modules leaving the client to define engine tests through the easy to use Veristand environment. We can also carry out the initial configuration and a walk-through of the Veristand software. Integration with Simulink can also be undertaken by ISC.

In all cases and where needed, ISC can offer on-site assistance including initial configuration and testing. ISC also has experienced with deploying MATLAB/Simulink to real-time targets, such as dSPACE, used for engine control.


Active Boat Motion Compensation

The heave, pitch and roll motions were compensated in the algorithm to enable safe transfer of personnel in the Offshore Wind Turbine Access system.

The algorithm was first developed in MATLAB and subsequently implemented using LabVIEW and cRIO hardware.

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Data Logger for Test Cells

A data logging software was developed using LabVIEW, running on Windows machines and communicating with sensors such as voltage, current, flow and temperatures via Ethernet using Compact DAQ chassis and C-series I/O modules, etc.

The software was deployed to the client's satisfaction. Hardware and I/O documentation was provided to the client to facilitate future development and maintenance.

Control System for 70-Ton Gripper Arms

We developed the control system for a very large pair of Gripper Arms for the jack-up vessel MPI Discovery, used to install the foundation piles for offshore wind turbines. Simulations were used to assess the hydraulic and control designs prior to the main software development. A software-based emulator was created to enable full testing of the software before the mechanical build was available.

This work won the Application of the Year award of the NI Graphical System Design Achievement Awards 2013.

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