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ISC has been active in the wind energy industry, providing consultancy and R&D services. Some of our projects are listed below.


We provide standard, industry specific and bespoke courses on a range of fundamental and advanced control engineering topics.

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Advanced Control for Wind Turbines

ISC have investigated advanced predictive control for variable-speed variable-pitch wind turbines, using both simplified physics-based models, linearised models from Bladed and full aero-elastic Bladed models. The objective was to increase the power output and reduce the fatigue loads of the turbines simultaneously. The full range of below- and above-rated wind speeds was covered by predictive control, including the important transition zone between the torque control and pitch control modes around rated wind speed.

SENSE Offshore Wind Turbine Installation

ISC undertook the preliminary mathematical modelling of a proposed large motion compensated hydraulic mechanism for the deployment of offshore wind-turbines. This early-stage feasibility study investigated the system requirements necessary to perform vessel to tower transfers and determine under what sea conditions operations could be achieved. A key aspect of this work was making the simulation results representative and identify the key performance drivers.

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ISC is a key partner in this EU funded project to research and develop new optimisation strategies for large offshore wind farms. The objectives of which are to increase the through life economic performance of the wind farm, carefully balancing power extraction and mechanical fatigue.

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